Relationships can be difficult. If you never learned what a healthy relationship looks like it can be difficult to navigate that road. When two individuals get together and don’t have the necessary tools for effective communication, healthy conflict management, and different parenting styles, these can create chaotic relationships. The idea that love fixes everything can be deceiving, and if you don’t have any idea how to work through conflict, you can develop some anger and resentment towards your partner. A healthy relationship is based on love, trust, and forgiveness, day in and day out.

Usually, couples believe that when they are in a relationship or “have become married” everything will work itself out. That is a lie, and relationships take a lot of work and commitment. If you don’t see each other as players on the same team, you can start to feel like the adversary or see your partner as the adversary. Assertive communication is key to being able to resolve conflicts, and if there is anger, resentment, disappointment, and lack of trust, it makes communicating very difficult which leads to unresolved conflicts.

Relationships are key to life and are important aspects of living a balanced life. Learning to communicate and work through conflicts can be intimidating and can cause stress or break up. There is hope for every relationship and taking the steps to admit you need help is frightening and humbling. Your relationship is worth it, take the chance and make this important step for yourself.

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