Do You Experience Fear?

Fear can be an excruciating and debilitating circumstance that can stop a person from living a full life or reaching their goals. One of the many barriers for people experiencing mental health and career or personal success is fear. Fear is included in many mental health diagnoses, including anxiety, PTSD, depression, and many others. Fear can be real and is to be used as a tool to prevent harm or danger, but the fear we are talking about today is the crippling fear that stops a person from achieving a goal that could change their life.

Fear will cripple a person from leaving their house and experiencing new activities and/or meeting new people to make healthy connections. Fear will stop a person from applying for a new position, going to school, meeting a new person, or even the fear of driving. This is not to dismiss the real nature of fear, but what if you could overcome the fear you experience every day by learning new behaviors to overcome your fears?

Sometimes you need medications to jumpstart you and some counseling to accomplish your goals. Fear is a real emotion and can be the primary emotion, but at times, we have secondary fear due to other negative emotions, like shame, embarrassment, anger, abandonment, jealousy, resentment, and many others.

I learned early on in my life the acronym of FEAR as “False Evidence Appearing Real” and I learned that even when I fear the outcome, I can still take that first step and walk in fear to achieve important milestones and the next one becomes easier. Don’t let fear keep you imprisoned in your mind and stop you from achieving milestones in your life. Reach out to New Life Counseling so I can guide and lead you to fulfilling your goals for healthy living.

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